Posted on 20 April 2018 (0)

There are various factors that can kill a tree including harsh storms, severe winds, and wood-boring bugs. No matter what has caused your tree to die, it is important to have the tree removed. Contact an arborist immediately you notice one of your trees is starting to dye. Acting fast can help save the tree or even reduce the cost of removing it.

Tree removal requires several tools and equipment and it’s a good idea to research the costs of hiring a professional tree service in Olympia WA. The cost may vary depending on the location of the tree and the type of equipment required to remove the tree. Some of the reasons why you must remove that dead tree include:

  • Dead trees are unattractive

You’ll agree to the fact that a dead tree isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Every homeowner wants to improve the curb appeal of their home. Of course you also want to increase the value of your home. That’s enough reason to get rid of that tree presenting an unpleasant look on your property.

  • Tree branches may fall on your property

Severe weather conditions such as hail storm or high winds can cause the weakened braches on your dead tree to fall anytime. These branches will either damage your property or fall on those passing resulting in death or injury. You know what will happen once they fall on your neighbor’s property.

  • They can Spread Tree diseases

Your tree could be dying as a result of a tree disease. Probably you didn’t take care of the disease on time and it’s spread all over the tree. Well, if you don’t get rid of the tree, the disease may as well spread to other trees and plants around.

Dead trees also attract pests such as bluebirds, rats and termites. These pests will be all over your home or property within a few months.

  • They are more likely to fall

By the time a tree starts decaying and decomposing slowly its integrity is already compromised. The question at this point is not how the tree will fall but where it will fall. The tree can fall on any direction and damage your property or cause injury to your family. It can even fall on someone’s property in the neighborhood.